Jazz Number Check – How to easily Check Jazz Number?

People often face the problem of remembering their own number of newly bought cell number. One more reason for checking the number is an old forgotten number that is not in use for a long period. Jazz provides 3 easy ways to know your own number.


Dial Code *99# for checking jazz number. A new layer will appear on the screen after dialing this code that contains the number. This service is free of cost.


You can also check Jazz’s number by sending an SMS. Type “MNP” (My Number Please..) and send the SMS to 667. You will receive a message after a while containing your contact number and some other details.


If you are still facing any problem in finding your Jazz number then call helpline “111“. A jazz officer will ask some security questions to confirm that it’s your number. After the confirmation, he/she will tell you all the asked information.
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[…] where amount should be between Rs.15 to Rs.500. You can read it as *100*JazzNumber*SharingAmount#. Eg: *100*03081234567*250#. After dialing the code, you will receive a confirmation message. It’s a good practice to confirm the delivery of the balance from the receiver. Check your jazz number if you forgot: Click Here […]

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