Things to Consider While Making a Balanced Diet Plan

Health and fitness are the two most important aspects of our life. Both are related to each other and impossible to achieve one without paying heed to the other. Health and fitness mean a physically and mentally fit body with the help of a proper diet and regular exercise.

Role of a Nutritious Diet in Health

The first thing to be healthy and fit is to have suitable nutritious food. Food that is rich in enough protein, vitamins and minerals is essential for our body. These nutritious elements are workers of our bodies and perform different functions in different parts of a body. In short, the elements keep the whole body functions in order. Food and Drug Administration of USA has set the recommended intake amount of Vitamins and Minerals. The said link also describes the function of every vitamin and mineral. For example, Vitamin B4 helps in brain development, cell signaling, and muscle movement.

Deficiency of Nutrients

Nutritional deficiencies (also called malnutrition) occur when your foods have not enough amount of nutrition that your body needs. As we mentioned earlier, nutrients are essential elements for our body’s development and proper functionality of different parts. When these nutrients don’t reach the body in the required amount, the body utilizes all existed. This is what causes the deficiency of nutrients that leads to further health complexities.

Balanced Diet Plan and Surety of Healthy Body

You have to consider all nutrients while making a diet plan. People often cut down on food to lose weight and then face health issues. Change your diet in a way that assures your nutritional requirements. Let’s keep it simple for your better understanding. Here are the most important points to keep in mind while making a diet plan:

1- Protein

Every person needs an average of 50 grams of protein each day. You have to complete that recommendation even if you want to lose or gain weight. Protein is essential because it builds and repairs the body’s tissues. Our body needs protein to build and repair cells for maintenance and growth. Complete 50 grams of protein in your daily diet plan. Here are some items that have a high amount of protein.

Items Weight Protein Amount
Wheat Flour 100 gram 13 gram
Beef 100 gram 8.2 gram
Fish 100 gram 18 gram
Kidney Beans 100 gram 23 gram
Peas 100 gram 23 gram
1 Egg 44 gram 5.5 gram
Milk 100 gram 3.8 gram
Almond, 10 Nuts 12 gram 2.5 gram

2- Vitamins

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